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Mutiyaa Vision’s workshop with the young people of Women In Need was absolutely wonderful. Our children were attentive and engaged. They asked questions, eagerly participated in the Q & A session and willingly shared their thoughts. Ms. Vision is an excellent teacher.

She is extremely patient and made our children feel comfortable the moment she met them. I absolutely enjoyed the book signing segment and how she tailored her comments written in the book each child received to each child. This was a super event and one that none of us will forget.

– Christopher Armstrong, Recreation Coordinator – Women In Need

Vision Works Expand the universe of your students, and enrich their educational development. Invite a dynamic author/poet/publisher to engage them in a journey of discovery and inspiration. Vision Works conducts leadership and character building workshops/residencies for students on all grade levels, including special education. A consultation insures all activities are age appropriate, and cater to the needs of your students/event. Workshops are 45 minutes, and a minimum booking of two consecutive 45 minute sessions is required.



Mutiyaa Vision is an extraordinary woman encompassing author/poet, workshop facilitator, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, wife and mother. She is the co-author of ten children’s books that focus on developing positive self-image and decision making skills for students in grades K-5. These titles published by Vision Works Publishing are a unique line of hard cover “character development” picture books. They contain storylines that feature engaging characters, who relate to the experiences of children in today’s culturally diverse communities. Ms. Vision teaches students in an interactive learning environment that engages them into establishing connections to their real life experiences and those of the characters in each title. Ms. Vision’s Author Study Program is designed to incorporate teachers, administrators, parents and students across the selected grade level with an interactive learning experience. Growing up she used writing to work out issues and turn emotional pain into poems and stories of inspiration. With the challenges faced from birth, she never wavered from believing “she could” when others suggested she could not! Her courage, warmth, energy and positive example are a source of inspiration to many.

Author Presentation

This student-centered introduction to author study workshops can be conducted in the classroom, library or auditorium. This presentation introduces the school community to the literary works of Mutiyaa Vision and her inspirational story of success. Students, grade level teachers, and parents can meet the author and receive an overview of educational materials with an engaging presentation that can be followed up by additional hands-on classroom sessions. This author presentation can also be presented as a keynote speaker for a graduation ceremony or educational conference, and adapted to children K-12 as well as adult audiences.


Hands-on Classroom Sessions

Ms. Vision creates a hands-on interactive learning experience with students in the classroom. After the students have read literature written by Mutiyaa Vision, they will participate in a number of exercises that will stimulate critical thinking skills and enhance the creative writing process. Student’s activities include an author research questionnaire that leads to an in-person meet the author experience. Schools can elect to videotape the interviewing session.


Meet the Author Reading and Book Signing Presentation

Children will have the extraordinary opportunity to meet Mutiyaa Vision. She will share her stories with students in a dramatic reading that will bring the books to life in the classroom or library setting. After the reading and motivational presentation, Ms Vision will personally autograph her books for students, educators and parents.

Author Study Workshop Options

  • One (45 minute) Author Study Introduction PresentationWorkshop or Motivational Speaking Engagement
  • One (45 minute) Hands-on Classroom Session
  • Author Study Interview with Student Q & A (The Hot Seat Segment)
  • One (45 minute) Meet the Author Reading and Book Signing Presentation. Author reading in an setting of less than 75 students with a personalized autographing presentation


Poet/Author Study Program Series

  • One (45 minute) Author Study Introduction Presentation
  • One (45 minute) Hands- on Classroom Sessions
  • One (45 minute) Meet the Author Interactive Reading and Book Signing Presentation


Schedule a Study Program

To schedule an author study program with Mutiyaa Vision, or customized motivational workshops and/or public speaking presentation contact Vision Works Publishing at 1-888-789-6757. Please allow three months advance notice on requests for author presentations to ensure availability for your special event.

Download the below creative projects to bring learning to life
and put Vision Works children’s books to work in your home and classroom!

Creative Projects


Lesson Plan for The Land of Expression - Having the courage to heal a rift and make amends.


Lesson Plan for The Land of Expression - How does it feel to be bullied?


Lesson Plan for The Land of Expression - Read all about it!


Lesson Plan for The Land of Expression - What does that word mean to you?


Lesson Plan for My Choices Make Me Who I Am

Lesson Plan 2 for My Choices Make Me Who I Am


Lesson Plan for What Makes me Beautiful - K2


Lesson Plan for What Makes me Beautiful - Grades 2-3


Lesson Plan for What Makes me Beautiful - Grades 4 +

What People Say

Workshop Testimonials

“We had such a fantastic time with Mutiyaa Vision. Thank you so much for coming to our class. You are truly amazing!”


– Adrienne Baron – Teacher, P.S. 10

“Mutiyaa Vision is amazingly wise! There are few people that we meet in life that inspire you;
she is one of those special people!”


– Alisa Marcal, P.S./I.S. 266 – 5th Grade Teacher

“Mutiyaa, listening to you me appreciate who I am – like you appreciate yourself.”


– Susan Weingart, P.S./I.S. 266 – Reading Teacher

“Mutiyaa, what an uplifting experience you gave us. You are determined, committed and courageous. Thank you for comming to share your experiences with our school. You see beauty within all of us! Thank you for inspiring my 6th graders!


– Rebecca Schwartz, P.S./I.S. 266 – 6th Grade Teacher

“Ms. Vision’s poem “Disabilities” was very touching. She believes no matter who you are, we are all special in our own special way.”


– Alyssa, P.S./I.S. 266 – 5th Grader

“Ms. Vision knows that everyone is born unique. She is a great author. Even though she has a little arm, she inspires all of us to never give up.”


– Jacqueline, P.S./I.S. 266 – 4th Grader

“I loved your “Unique Is Beautiful” presentation. It was moving, personal, addressing so many issues from creativity, to drive to do and achieve dreams, to tolerance and acceptance, and to appreciating and loving our uniqueness.”


– Cristian, P.S. 10 Dad – Kindergarten

“Your workshop “Unique Is Beautiful” was interactive and a great experience for me as an adult and my Kindergarten daughter Ella”


– Isa Herrara, P.S. 10 Parent – Kindergarten

“This assembly has been a pleasure. Mutiyaa has a very unique way of thinking. I feel she is a great role model for all the kids of the world!


– Coryn Nahum, P.S./I.S 266 – 6th Grader

“I really enjoyed the way you presented your message and your work. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Thank you.”


– P.S. 10 Parent – Kindergarten

“Mutiyaa Vision’s workshop “Name It & Claim It” taught Me I should speak up for myself and be more independent.”


– Ashwin Rambrich, P.S./I.S. 266 – 6th Grader

“Mutiyaa Vision’s workshop inspired me because now I feel extremely good about myself.”


– Maranda Seebarran, P.S./I.S 266 – 4th Grader

“Mutiyaa Vision’s workshop inspired me to dream big!”


– Rachel Jo, P.S./I.S. 266 – 5th Grader


“This workshop inspired me to succeed in life and go the right way. It also taught me that everyone is unique in their own special way”


– Jemma George, P.S./I.S 266 – 6th Grade

“Mutiyaa Vision makes me want to help everyone in the world.”


– Brian Mgbeojirikwe, P.S./I.S. 266 – 4th Grade

“Ms. Vision seems really kind and loves herself, does’nt care about negative things people say. She’s determined, confident and strong. She doesn’t care if she has one hand. She knows she’s beautiful just the way she is.”


– Jane Kim, P.S./I.S. 266 – 4th Grade

“I had a wonderful time with Mutiyaa Vision. I loved her workshop. Her books are truly awesome. I think it was the best!”


– Deepak, P.S./I.S 266 – 3rd Grader

“Mutiyaa was a wonderful success! The teachers, children and even the principal loved her presentation. Mutiyaa Vision did an author presentation at our school, PS/IS 266Q and the school is still talking about the event!! She was warm, informative and inspiring and the students were totally engaged- not an easy task with 300 3rd – 6th graders.We have used her book, What Makes Me Beautiful, as part of our character education curriculum and purchased another book on choices for next year’s Community Read and this was before we met her. Now the books and their messages are even more special because of the experience of meeting her! Aim high and dream big!”


– Susan Weingart, Reading Teacher

“Children’s book author David Vision participated in our Literacy Carnival for children in our program. He was phenomenal. He commanded a room packed with children from very young to upper teens and had everyone engaged, participating and eager for more. Adults who were present commented on the positive impact of his powerfully packed presentation. I would strongly recommend his presentation for children, parents and organizations that advocate for empowering children.”


– Caitlin M. Galliker, LCSW, Asst. Social Work Supervisor, Legal Aid Society – Juvenile Rights Practice

“The Visions’ enthusiasm motivated students throughout the school to read, research, and form discussion groups on their body of literature. I would strongly recommend the Vision Works program for all schools – public, private, and parochial – due to its positive impact on students, parents and educators.”


– Alma Alston – Founding Principal, Merrick Academy

“Thank you Mutiyaa for an inspirational and educational author presentation at our school. The students, as well as the teachers, were moved and motivated by your words and life story.”


– Eileen Raszka – Librarian, J.A.Coles Elementary School

David and Mutiyaa, Thanks again for such a wonderful, heartfelt and informative presentation today. The families and Councilwoman Reyna had a wonderful time and raved about the work you contributed. You will be remembered by all who were in attendance.


– Shonda Streete – Associate Director, Afterschool Programs
St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Corp.

The workshop “Master of Your Universe” was very uplifting and inspirational because it helped prepare students to think about their future. When students are armed with positive strategies at an early age they are better able to navigate through life. I liked the way Mrs. Vision shared examples of how her real life experiences helped her to become a stronger person. It was wonderful to see the interest and pleasure on the faces of the students during her presentation. Keep up the good work!


– Linda Pearson
KAPPA V Librarian

Mutiyaa Vision’s workshop “My Choices Make Me Who I Am” was so meaningful and relevant to me and my students. I loved the redefinition of “disability” to “differently abled”. This definition alone transformed the manner in which we view ourselves and others. The message was uplifting and spiritually based. I will sing through the rest of the day.


-Sharon L. Williams
Educational Psychologist- P140k

Vision Works is a marvelous creation. I enjoyed the “Master of My Universe” workshop. I will tell everyone I know about Mutiyaa Vision and her work. She has a great view of the world. She is a shinning star. She is a great writer. She taught me that even with disabilities you can be great!


-Marquis Greggs, Age 11

I had a great time meeting Mrs. Mutiyaa Vision at the “Master of My Universe” workshop. She is my inspiration of the year. She taught me if you put your mind to something you can do it. I look forward to meeting her again.


-Latisha Millard, Age 11

I think the workshop “Master of My Universe” was great because at the end I changed my mind about myself. I will choose to be a positive force of light. I think the books are great because it can help children live a better life. I had fun with the pictures.


-Christopher Bundy, Age 12

I think that Mrs. Vision is a truly amazing author. I am a positive force of light just like her. I enjoyed her workshop “Master of My Universe” and thank her for visiting my school.


-Oriane Welch, Age 12

I thought the workshop “Master of Your Universe was very wonderful because I learned a lot about the author Mrs. Mutiyaa Vision. I even loved how we answered questions. It was a great workshop because it will probably change somebody’s life and their future.


-Khadijah Sayers, Age 12

The workshop “Master of My Universe” taught us what makes our life successful and how we could reach our goals in life. I think it was a wonderful lesson because it taught me a lot about how to live a positive, successful life.


-Arian Monkhouse, Age 11

I had a great time with you at the “Master of Your Universe” workshop. I now know I’m a positive force of light and not a negative force of darkness. I loved your books and your poem “Connectivity”. I look forward to reading more of your work.


-Sierra Allen, Age 12