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is an active body of conscious women, men and children committed to promoting themes of love, respect, empowerment and inclusion. Click on the pictures below to discover the driving forces behind Vision Works Publishing.



David and Mutiyaa Vision

David and Mutiyaa Vision, award winning children’s book authors, are a husband and wife team who’ve navigated the goliath responsibility of raising seven children! And yet, this task isn’t nearly as challenging and unpredictable as the world they saw their children entering into. As a result of overcoming adversity in their own childhood experiences, the Visions wished to give children the benefit of information they didn’t have access to as children. They both recognized that today, much of the offered images and messages children are exposed to, from the internet, radio, television, movies, video games, and magazines were not in the best interest of children. They felt that children needed an edge to prepare for leadership roles in a world they will one day inherit. This reality compelled them to provide a solution. Mutiyaa Vision saw and seized the opportunity to fill a void, while satisfying a crucial life purpose and Vision Works Publishing was born.

The Visions collaborated to produce a number of character building children’s books. From literary works their creativity blossomed into various workshops, family oriented programs, videos, and music designed to entertain, raise the human spirit and strengthen mental development in children of all ages. Their materials assist children in confronting life issues, understanding emotions, exploring options, fulfilling their purpose and making wise choices in any given situation. Their commitment and vision inspires children, parents, communities, and educators everywhere to utilize their own talents in making the world a better place. David and Mutiyaa Vision are currently the authors of 10 published children’s books.

Mutiyaa Vision

Mutiyaa Vision, award winning children’s book author, has in the course of 40 short years become a beacon of hope and inspiration. She has attained success against all odds, reminding us that with vision, determination, belief in self, and planning, all things are possible.

From an early age Mutiyaa faced mountainous challenges ranging from being a member of the “differently-abled” community, to the emotional and physical trauma of being the child of an alcoholic mother who struggled with depression. Mutiyaa was born with one hand and fought to maintain her dignity, define herself and create her place in a world that labeled her as disabled, seeing her as incomplete, or as a less valued member of society. She saw the destructive effects not mastering your own universe can have, and took charge of her life accordingly.

Mutiyaa has overcome adversity, refusing to continue the cycle of victimization, poverty, teen pregnancy, neglect, alcohol addiction and the foster care system. She chose to create a life of fulfillment as a wife, mother of 7, author, educator, activist and the CEO of Vision Works Publishing. She also created multiple forums in which she coaches others, on how they can do the same in their own lives.

At an early age Mutiyaa recognized her power to communicate and influence those around her in a positive way. She saved her mother’s life twice- once when she was 7 years old from suicide, and again at 15. When Mutiyaa became a peer counselor in high school, she recognized that many of her family’s turbulent experiences were related to her mom’s alcohol abuse. She arranged to take her mom to an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. Shortly after her intervention, her mom checked into a residential substance abuse program. Her mom is alive today and maintained her sobriety for over 20 years.

Mutiyaa attributes her own success to her ability to convert tragedy into triumph, implement dreams and her inability to accept failure as a final destination. Her heroes are the two most influential people in her life, her mother Rahil and husband David. Her mom gave her the gift of resilience, work ethic and the value of education. She nurtured Mutiyaa’s creativity, allowed her to express herself, and encouraged her to convert her emotional pain into writings of strength and beauty. Mutiyaa’s mom loved and believed in her, more than she loved and believed in herself. She built on her mother’s “good examples” and chose to avoid the pitfalls of her mother’s issues with addiction.

Her husband David gave Mutiyaa the gift of stability, support, intellectual/spiritual stimulus and provides a continuous source for creative challenge. David helped Mutiyaa build a strong foundation for their family that provided a platform from which she and their 7 children could soar and attain success.

Today, Mutiyaa is a college graduate, homeowner, business owner, workshop facilitator, and the co-author of ten character building children’s books written with her husband. She is fulfilling her purpose, living an extraordinary life of her choosing, while being a positive resource to her community and the nation.

Mutiyaa’s grateful to those who nurtured and inspired her success along the way with priceless contributions. She demonstrates her appreciation by giving back. Mutiyaa actively volunteers her time and celebrity to inspire economically disadvantaged children. Her sole purpose is to show youth how to overcome the obstacles in their lives, by taking destiny into their own hands. She’s particularly fond of working with an organization called Women In Need, which rescued Mutiyaa and her mom when she was 15 and faced the horrifying reality of being one of America’s homeless families.

David Vision

David Vision, award winning children’s book author, used his professional and personal life experiences to transition into a successful children’s book author, songwriter and producer. David and his wife Mutiyaa have collaborated to write and publish 10 children’s books that entertain, raise the human spirit and strengthen the mental development in children of all ages. As a result, Vision Works Publishing is a growing children’s book press which produces a unique line of hard cover concept picture books.

In 1990 David’s 12 year career as a Director of Contracts for the Department of Defense abruptly ended when he was hit by a speeding armored truck and survived. David was challenged to reevaluate his future. During his rehabilitation, he would conjure up stories to entertain and spend quality time with his children. The stories sparked David’s creative genesis. In addition to writing children’s books, he began to write and produce songs with his children.

David served in the Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division during the Vietnam War. After being honorably discharged, he fulfilled a promise made to his mother, by earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the Metropolitan College of New York were he graduated Summa Cum Lada. David is an enthusiastic father to seven children and resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and business partner Mutiyaa.

Jane Cyphers

Jane Cyphers is currently a forth grade teacher at P.S. 10 in New York. She is a trendsetter for innovative approaches to childhood education. She is highly respected by children, parents and the educational community for her commitment to inspiring an excitement in children, utilizing relevant hands on education, and saving the environment of our planet. She has created and tested lesson plans for the Vision Work Publishing book line that are used to support “character education units”. They’ve broadened our appeal to schools by creating a platform for Vision Works books to be user friendly in classrooms.

Ignacio Alcantara

Ignacio Alcantara is an award winning children’s book illustrator Ignacio Alcantara colors with imagination and emotion. He tells stories about our lives through his artistic expressions. His art is full of the ingredients that make the stories all the more real to the reader. As you read his art pulls you in, onto the canvas, and into the story line. Creative, warm, fun, adventure, intelligence and love are just a few components that shine through his works.

Ignacio Alcantara is an accomplished artist, illustrator, sculptor, animator, puppeteer, and video producer. This native of The Dominican Republic graduated from Parsons School of design with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts. In 2005 his video art entry entitled “Ni Aqui, Ni Alla, Naque y Miedo: Autorretrato, Cortos y Mapas” won the grand prize at Santo Domingo’s XXIII National Arts Biennial. His work “Naqunik” is on display in the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo. He has illustrated seven children’s books.

Lisa Roma

Lisa Roma is a warm, sweet, creative soul who applies these gifts to everything she engages. Whether the task is editing, graphic design, curriculum development, or being a great friend, she delivers excellence. Her contributions always come from a platform of love. That makes the journey of our partnership a tremendous joy. She’s an ordained interfaith minister and founder of The Creative Women’s Network which provides creative professional workshops for educational, creative, literary, peacemaking and spiritual enrichment.

DeAriesha Mack

DeAriesha Mack is the illustrator of our 2010 groundbreaking book on diversity and awareness entitled “Little Arm & Me”. DeAriesha, was born in Bronx, New York. She started off as a little girl at the age of 3 years old drawing sketches and cartoons on her bedroom walls. This childhood habit was transformed onto canvases showcasing her God-given talents as an artist. Due to her exceptional talent, she excelled in advanced level drawing classes throughout her high school career.

DeAriesha uses many tools to sculpture imagination, and capture life in all its splendor. This young woman’s true strength lies in her ability to communicate through art. Her prints, commissioned projects, and murals support her dreams to succeed by helping to uplift the world and inspire others along life’s journey. DeAriesha is a “visionary” with her sights on a future full of creative expression.

Alinah, Wisdom & Edna

Alinah, Wisdom & Edna are three electrifying and talented sisters who comprise the musical group “Outcry”. Alinah – (11), Wisdom – (8), and Edna – (14) may be young at heart but oh so wise in spirit. Both intellectually and musically gifted, Outcry has found a way to musically call out to us; “Come and hear from the hearts and minds of who we are, what we need, and the challenges we face as the next generation”. The world community is listening and responding to this call! Their debut CD “It’s Just Me” was produced and released by Vision Works Publishing in 2009. Click here to sample tracks from their CD.